1. Medicus Bonus Sp. z o.o. (Administrator), in accordance with the provisions of Articles 173-174 of the Act of 16 July 2004 on Telecommunications Law, informs that the website and all its subdomains (the Service) use cookies.
  2. Additionally, the Administrator also informs about the use of other internet technologies, such as IndexedDB and Web Storage. These technologies function on the same principle as cookies.
  3. Only anonymous statistical data about users is collected through cookies and other technologies. The information obtained through these technologies is not attributed to a specific individual and does not allow for personal identification.
  4. Placing and using cookies and other technologies does not harm the user’s device (e.g., computer, smartphone, tablet) and does not make any changes to the device’s configuration or the installed software and applications.
  5. The purpose of using the aforementioned technologies by the Service is:
  6. Creating analyses, reports, and statistics regarding the way users interact with the Service’s pages.
  7. Adapting the content of the Service to user preferences and optimizing the use of the Service.
  8. Displaying advertisements.


  1. During the use of the Service, small text files are placed on the user’s device. By default, these files contain the following information:
  2. The name of the Service from which the cookie was sent.
  3. A generated unique number.
  4. The duration of storing the file.
  5. These files can be categorized based on their origin and the duration they are stored on the user’s device. The Service utilizes the following types of files:

   – Based on their origin, the following cookie types are distinguished:

  1. First-party cookies – originating from the Service, the file contains a name indicating the domain, which belongs to the Administrator.
  2. Third-party cookies – placed through the Service by external companies used by the Administrator’s services.

   – Based on the duration for which the cookies will be stored on the user’s device, the following are distinguished:

  1. Session cookies, which are created each time a user visits the website and are deleted when the browsing window is closed.
  2. Cookies stored for a longer period, automatically deleted by the browser after a specified time or manually by the user.
  3. Third-party files are placed on the user’s device, specifically:
  4. To display tailored materials in advertising networks.
  5. For analyzing the activity of anonymous users and generating statistics based on it, which help understand how the Service is used.
  6. To enable the use of third-party technologies embedded in the Service, such as Google Maps plugins.

Other Technologies

  1. In addition to cookies, the Administrator also utilizes the capabilities of web browsers, which can store information in their memory. The following technologies enabling data storage can be distinguished:
  2. IndexedDB – data stored in the form of objects, with access limited only to specific data sources – domains or subdomains from which they were saved.
  3. Session Storage – a data store that is an equivalent of cookies but with a significantly larger data capacity. The data collected in the Session Storage is deleted when the browsing window is closed.
  4. Local Storage – a data store where information is stored persistently in the user’s web browser until it is deleted.



  1. The Administrator, in particular, but not exclusively, utilizes the services of the following external companies:
  2. Google LLC.
  3. These entities have their own privacy policies and practices regarding the use of internet technologies. Therefore, to better understand these rules, please review the privacy and cookie policies of each entity.
  4. Additionally, the Service contains embedded buttons, tools, or content directing to services of other companies, including links to external websites, videos (YouTube), maps (Google Maps). Using these applications may involve the transmission of information to the mentioned external entities using internet technologies.



  1. Users can change their browser settings or disable the support for cookies and other technologies at any time, but this may result in the improper functioning of the Service.
  2. Changes made to cookie settings in the web browser also apply to the use of other internet technologies.
  3. If the user does not change the default settings of the web browser regarding cookies, data-collecting files will be placed on the end device and used in accordance with the rules defined by the web browser provider.
  4. Information on managing cookies in specific browsers – including instructions for blocking cookies – can be found on dedicated pages for each browser:
  5. Chrome:
  6. Firefox:
  7. Internet Explorer:
  8. Microsoft Edge:
  9. Opera:
  10. Safari:
  11. Users who, after reviewing the information available on the Service, do not want cookies, IndexedDB, and Web Storage to remain stored in their web browser should delete them from their browser after finishing the visit to the Service.