Private orthopedic hospital

Very nice and professional medical care. Room clean and nice I had knee arthroscopy done. I recommend this place!!!

Special thanks to Dr. Konrad Rapalski.

I recommend this hospital. I had an ACL reconstruction performed by doctor Noworolnik, the operation and the atmosphere of the whole team was really wonderful. The rooms are clean and tidy and the service is friendly.

I didn’t think a hospital procedure could look like this!

Full professionalism, staff, conditions double room with bathroom! Dining a fairy tale! Anesthesia, I felt practically nothing (umbilical hernia) Anesthesiologist and dr Śmidowicz, I RECOMMEND!!!!

Very nice service. The nurses were very nice as were the doctors. Food very good. I recommend 😉

Great hospital, friendly and helpful staff. Clean patient rooms. The food is very tasty and fresh. P doctor Krawczuk, a doctor for a medal. A very nice and kind man. It is clear that he does not work by force, but by vocation. I highly recommend this facility, especially Dr Krawczuk.

I had a hip replacement performed at the hospital. I’m very happy. At this point, I would like to wholeheartedly thank Dr. R. Stawicki for the professional performance of the procedure, Mr. Krzysztof Poradzewski for rehabilitation and all the support staff for professional and friendly service.

Friendly and professional staff. The doctor explained everything about the procedure. I also have very fond memories of post-surgery care and follow-up visits. I recommend and thank you very much.

Top notch hospital. Clean, tidy, staff very polite, everything painless. In the operating room, gentle music to which you can fall asleep peacefully during the procedure. Professional medical care, Dr. anesthesiologist explains everything, and Dr. Stawicki is a miracle worker. I absolutely recommend it. Doctors I trust completely.

Hello. I’ve been in this facility since this morning and had knee surgery. The service is very nice. Physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and other staff. The treatment turned out great. Even better care.

Many thanks to Dr. Waldemar Woźniak (orthopaedist), who operated on my grandfather Jan from Leszno’s hip (hip joint endoprosthesis) and the staff of the orthopedic department of the Medicus Bonus Hospital in Środa Wielkopolska. For great care, professionalism and commitment. Sincerely – Jan from Leszno with his grandson.

If all hospitals operated in this way, the standard of medical services in Poland would be one of the highest in Europe or even in the world. I had two knee arthroscopy procedures and then ACL reconstruction. I was operated on by Dr. Rapalski with a wonderful team. A wonderful, caring doctor. Excitable people who can create a relaxing atmosphere in the operating room. Very high standard of nursing service. Delectable ladies who are smiling, caring, facing the patient. Great professionalism of the staff. In addition, nicely equipped, double rooms with bathrooms, very good food. I recommend sincerely.

Great clinic fantastic staff had a hip endoprosthesis implantation procedure I have to admit that Dr. Stawicki’s professionalism, if I rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10 with a clear conscience I am fully satisfied that I came under the Doctor’s wings.