Price list of treatments

Orthopedic surgery


surgical proceduresprice from PLNduration of stay in hospital
1.laparoscopic cholecystectomy70001-3 days
2.classic cholecystectomy95005-7 days
3.Inguinal hernia using the Lichtenstein method65001-3 days
4.Recurrent or incisional hernia90001-3 days
5.Bilateral inguinal hernia100001-3 days
6.Umbilical hernia65001-2 days
7.Hernia laparoscopic surgery140001-3 days
varicose veins
1.Varicose veins (glue) one leg85001 days
2.Varicose veins of the limbs (glue) two legs95001 days
3.Varicose veins of the limbs (SVS method – water vapor). One leg65001-2 days
4.Varicose veins of the limbs (SVS method - water vapor) two legs85001-2 days
5.Sclerotherapy + miniphlebectomy3000
6.Telangiectasia, spider veins - sclerotherapy and RF

Procedures performed under local anesthesia
7.Additionally, if indicated, intravenous anesthesia or PP1500
Orthopedic treatments
1.Minor soft tissue procedures - local excision of the lesion - removal of ganglion, - joint release, cutting of the joint capsule, - minor tenotomies - release of tendons, removal of overgrown bursae, etc.35000-1 day
2.Therapeutic arthroscopy, e.g. removal of damaged meniscus, ligament, cartilage or free body from the joint65001-2 days
3.Arthroscopic reconstruction of the knee ligaments with the price of the implant135001-2 days
4.Arthroscopic repair of the shoulder joint, surgery for habitual shoulder dislocation, labrum repair, tendon damage, with the price of two implants155001-2 days
5.Corrective surgery for hallux valgus and others. Price differences, depending on the scope of surgery and the type of implant used.

120001-4 days
6.Operations on a static flat foot: - calcaneal osteotomy, - suturing or plasty of the tibialis posterior tendon, - forefoot surgery - Weil osteotomies, etc.100001-4 days
7.Corrective surgeries on the calcaneus - wedge osteotomies, in cases of hypertrophy of the heel bone.90001-4 days
8.Repair surgeries - ligament reconstructions for instability of the ankle joint and other joints in the foot.120001-4 days
9.Peripheral nerve compression syndromes, carpal tunnel syndrome.35000-1 day
10.Surgery for contractures in the hand. Dupuytren's contracture.55000-2 days
11.Tennis elbow surgery.65000-1 day
12.Removal of bonding material (depending on the location)3500-90000-2 days
13.Closed reduction of forearm and ankle fractures, hand and foot fractures, repositioning of joint dislocations, under short-term general anesthesia35000-1 day
14.Open fracture reduction with internal stabilization: - forearm, - distal shin, - bones in the hand and foot, - clavicle, - clavicular-acromial ligament (without the price of the implant).85001-3 days
15.Primary suture or reconstructive surgery of the Achilles tendon.85001-3 days
16.Repair surgeries after old injuries or degenerative changes, corrective osteotomies, soft tissue surgeries. No implant prices110001-4 days
17.Stiffening of the upper ankle joint130001-4 days
18.Surgical treatment of pseudarthrosis (depending on the methodology).individually1-7 days
19.Total hip arthroplasty (including the price of the basic implant)260006-9 days
20.Knee arthroplasty (with implant price)260006-9 days
21.Reconstructive procedures for osteoarticular deformities in childrenindividually
22.Intra-articular growth factor administration (ACP), total cost850
The following price offer is for informational purposes and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66, section 1 of the Civil Code.