Increase the effectiveness of treatment


Control, rehabilitation and convalescence

Our hospital’s care for the patient does not end with the procedure.
We want to provide patients with full postoperative care, giving them a sense of safety and faster recovery.

Contact with Your doctor, as well as with a physiotherapy specialist until the final effect of the operation can be assessed, is invaluable for Your health.

Convalescence period

Convalescence is another very important stage of treatment. Its duration is estimated by the attending physician before the operation, verified immediately after the procedure and during the follow-up visit.
We recommend including work with a physiotherapist and dietician in the recovery process. In many cases, this will shorten the recovery period and speed up the return to normal functioning.

During the convalescence period, the most important thing is for the patient to strictly follow the recommendations of his doctor and other specialists.

Rehabilitation specialist

mgr Maciej Maliński

mgr Maciej Maliński

Rehabilitant, fizjoterapeuta

mgr Krzysztof Poradzewski

mgr Krzysztof Poradzewski

Rehabilitant, fizjoterapeuta